1. Skip the single-use plastic bags.

You can bring a tote bag or basket when you go shopping, re-use plastic bags you have at home, or skip bags alltogether for items that don't need it.

2. Carry a refillable water bottle or travel mug and reduce your purchases of bottled water and other plastic-bottled drinks.

3. Choose compostable!
The next time you replace an item like a toothbrush or sponge, see if a natural, compostable material version is available.

4. Select plastic-free storage options. Store lunch and leftovers in metal or glass containers- you can even pack a salad in a jar!

5. Skip disposable straws and cutlery when you can. You can even carry a reusable straw or cutlery set with you!
6. Buy package-free products, like detergent bars and bulk items.

  1. (Did you know you can bring your own containers for bulk items at the co-op? Just have the container weighed at check-out before you fill it!)​
  2. Give DIY a try!
    Instead of buying plastic-packaged cleaning or beauty supplies, make your own with multi-use ingredients you can buy in bulk.